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Mäkitalo Attorneys Ltd is a Finnish law firm that has been in business since 1989. We offer a wide range of services to our corporate clients across industries.

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Four reasons to choose Mäkitalo as your legal partner



We believe that the best results are created in close collaboration with our clients. Over the past few decades, a client-centric way of working has become the cornerstone of our operations. This approach enables us to form a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ business, and come up with solutions that best serve their interests in all situations. Our legal professionals start each project by mapping out our clients’ goals and most prominent business challenges. This information helps us resolve even the most complicated issues in a way that matches the client’s needs.



In their daily work, our legal professionals combine their problem-solving skills with an efficient way of working. These traits help us develop tailored solutions that support our clients’ goals in all situations. Even though the legal assignments we carry out are often complex in nature, we make our clients’ work easier by adhering to simple processes and coming up with practical solutions. In fact, many of our assignments entail organisational change, during which we help to maintain the client company’s efficiency. Our clients appreciate our pragmatic way of working and that we conduct our work on their terms.


Partner network

When necessary, we turn to our extensive partner network, which consists of foreign law firms and international investment companies. Our partnership agreements with other law firms allow us to help our clients in assignments that require extensive knowledge of foreign legislation. Additionally, we are happy to connect our startup clients with investment companies, who can help them with international expansion and growth.


Project advisory

In addition to clearly defined assignments that concentrate on a single practice area, we assist our clients with long-term projects, in which we appoint an advisor to help the client with all legal issues that arise during the project’s lifespan. The person operates as a part of our client’s project team and offers legal expertise at each stage of the project. This approach is ideal for extensive real estate, construction and energy projects, where identifying threats early on can help our clients mitigate risks and avoid unnecessary costs.

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