Public and private sector must establish reporting channels soon

By introducing a reporting channel, you support your organization in conducting responsible business and promoting corporate social responsibility.

Recommendations and restrictions for preventing the spread of the coronavirus – what is the role of the employer?

Overview of the effects of recommendations and restrictions for preventing the spread of the coronavirus at workplaces and division of the costs caused by this unusual situation.

Financial aid programs for companies: 7 ways to survive the crisis

In this article we discuss the financial aid programs and legislative changes enacted to support companies and entrepreneurs suffering from crisis following the ongoing corona outbreak.

Big data: Data protection law and contractual provisions

Big data faces challenges with being GDPR compliant. Anonymised data may become personal data and terms and conditions should be drafted with care.

Real Estate Collaterals and Debtor's Bankruptcy in Finland

Immovable property (e.g. real estates) constitutes in Finnish bankruptcy proceedings often financially substantial element of the assets of a debtor company and the financial capacity of the debtor company is usually secured with a real estate collateral to protect the rights of the creditor.

The GDPR or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Data Protection

Globalisation and swift technological developments over the last decades have brought new challenges for the protection of personal data. Modern technologies allow both private and public entities to offer individuals a myriad of ways to distribute and use their personal data. The growing desire of individuals to make use of their personal data has led to widespread sharing of data to service providers in both the private and the public sector.

Maria 01 opens the doors for the first trusted legal advisors

Maria 01 is a 10 000 m2 space in the buildings of the old historical Maria hospital. It is a perfect place to meet similar-minded peer startups and tech entrepreneurs, and trusted advisors, who are helping the companies to grow.

3-Step Guide to a Startup IPR Strategy

Creating a smart intellectual property strategy can be a significant success factor for a startup as it is to many more established organizations.

Many real-life examples of our startup and growth company clientele have demonstrated that commercialization and protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are critical success factors.

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