It is starting to look a lot like SLUSH!

[fa icon="calendar"] November 24, 2016 by Ville Vyyryläinen

While the pre-winter weather that briefly visited us in the beginning of November is fading to a distant and somewhat unreal memory, Helsinki is getting ready again to host the biggest and the most fascinating startup event of the year. Due to our great memories from the previous events, Mäkitalo’s team is anxious to participate in SLUSH 2016 as a key partner and the exclusive provider of legal services.

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With only one week left to the main event, we can feel the growing excitement in the office as our crew is getting a bit restless and eager to dive into the warmth of the Exhibition Center to bathe in the refreshing atmosphere that SLUSH provides year after year.

Avoiding legal pitfalls made easy

It’s no news that startups are usually struggling with limited resources (at least money-wise) and that this scarcity typically guides new entrepreneurs to direct the resources to something else than the paying of legal fees which are often seen as an unnecessary cost rather than something that actually brings value to the startup. Unfortunately, from a lawyer’s perspective, the biggest legal mistake that a startup can make is to assume that all legal problems can be resolved later.

Our long experience in working with startups in different stages of their lifecycle has encouraged us to pay special attention to this challenge and to develop the newly launched Mäkilähtö [ˈmækiˌlæhtø] packages that will give all entrepreneurs easy and affordable access to those legal services that are most critical to startups. Although the services are neatly wrapped up in a form that makes purchasing them easy, we appreciate the fact that each venture is unique. Accordingly, the end product (shareholders’ agreement, licensing agreement etc.) will always be tailored to the specific needs of your startup.    

Interested in hearing what other entrepreneurs have learned?

Although we believe that both “learning by doing” and “learning from mistakes” are in the very core of what true entrepreneurship is all about, we think that one should (or that at least one could) also learn from the doings and mistakes of others. Mäkitalo provides handpicked ventures an opportunity to participate in our Startup Ventures Clinic. The clinic will comprise of three sessions in January, February and March 2017.

At these sessions, entrepreneurs can discuss and solve their legal issues with Mäkitalo experts and our network of interest groups. For more information about Mäkilähtö [ˈmækiˌlæhtø] packages and our Startup Ventures Clinic please see our startup pages @

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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