Maria 01 opens the doors for the first trusted legal advisors

[fa icon="calendar"] September 28, 2017 by Marja Hohti

FullSizeRender (ID 196322).jpgMaria_0-1_ (ID 196320).jpgMaria 01 is a 10 000 m2 space in the buildings of the old historical Maria hospital. It is a perfect place to meet similar-minded peer startups and tech entrepreneurs, and trusted advisors, who are helping the companies to grow.

A visit to Maria 01 strengthens the already established impression that Maria is the right mooring to all those who are techies by heart. A few steps into the crowd and you have already recognized ten familiar faces, for example from Vertical, where I have mentored program participants already since year 2015, and other promising startups and collaboration parties.

When working your way up from the first floor you will very quickly notice that everybody is here. This community house is a truly internal and diverse environment.

If you chat with an employee from one of these promising companies you will quickly learn that their team is growing so fast, that they will need to apply for a larger premise in Maria 01 as they cannot fit the current premise allocated for the company, although the company’s wish is to stay in Maria 01.

“What is the best part with the Maria 01 ecosystem compared to other accelerators?”

I received a very honest answer from Aatu Horus from Kieku Labs Oy. “This is a multinational environment – you can speak Chinese, Thai, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish and many other languages with native speakers. What other startup entity gives you the same opportunity?”

The atmosphere is very friendly and everybody is willing to help each other.

The energy in the premise is very positive and people are genuinely happy, if someone from Maria 01 succeeds. People are also very open with giving advices, sharing their experiences and giving hints about who you can ask for additional opinion or advice.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the 85 companies that are part of the population of startupland Maria 01 have raised 45 M euros in funding.

We are very happy to have signed partnership agreement with Maria 01, and to be a part of this super cool community. We are looking forward to help these companies on their journey.

Pictures: Maria 01 and Marja Hohti    

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