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Dealing with business law doesn’t have to be complicated. Perhaps it’s not your thing, but at Mäkitalo, it’s definitely ours.


Time to get things moving?

That’s why we developed Mäkilähtö [ˈmækiˌlæhtø] - a series of professional packages designed to provide representation and support, all tailored to your specific needs. If you’re an entrepreneur or an investor and need a little boost, we’re here to help.

Mäkilähtö [ˈmækiˌlæhtø] service packages provide support throughout all of the company lifecycle stages, from protecting your intellectual properties to expanding your business to new markets. Mäkilähtö’s [ˈmækiˌlæhtø] pre-agreed fee caps and prices make the whole thing as straightforward as possible. 

Let us do our thing, so you can get on with yours; type your name and e-mail address and we´ll be in touch.



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